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Podcasts! Podcasts! Podcasts!

Like podcasts? GREAT! Me too. I have three podcasts I do regularly and I’d love it if you gave them a listen. There all a little different, so try some, try all. Enjoy. Podcasts, stuff for your ear holes! 

WHAT’S NEW is my standup comedy podcast on the Nerdist Network. There are live shows the second Tuesday of each month at NerdMelt in Los Angeles. You can follow the show on Twitter (@whatsnewshow) and Facebook (, and subscribe on iTunes. You can check out all the episodes we’ve done so far over at Nerdist, HERE

DLC is the video game podcast Jeff Cannata and I do on 5by5. We record the show live Mondays at 11:00am PT. You can check out the show page HERE, and subscribe on iTunes

UNINFORMED OPINIONS is a show Stewart Nacht (who you might know as Wombat from the CAGcast) and I do about whatever. It’s 30 minutes on a new topic each week. You can follow the show on Twitter (@UnOpPodcast) and on Facebook (, and of course subscribe on iTunes

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Just me being a super classy gentleman at the March IMPRO(vs)TANDUP at UCB. Thanks John Roiniotis for the pics.

DLC Video-Game March Madness Continues!

In the last 2 episodes of DLC, with your help on the phones, and through your votes, we determined the winners of the first round of our video game March Madness tournament!

But the Madness is not over yet!  In round two, we are down to the Sweet 16, and there are some extremely intense matchups!

Check out the updated bracket and get your votes in by Monday, March 17th at 11am, when you can tune in live to DLC or phone in and make your voice heard by calling 512-518-5714.

From Horrible Movie Night at NerdMelt. Kyle Kinane and I got to tell some jokes to the crowd. Sweet show. Rad night. 

From the March 13 IMPRO(vs)TANDUP at UCB w/Harold team Belmonte, Rory Scovel & Kyle Kinane. IMPRO(vs)TANDUP is a show I created and co-host every month at UCBTLA. It’s also monthly at UCBeast in NYC. I’m very proud of the show, put a lot of time into it, and love it so much. Thank you everyone that has ever come and laughed. 

DLC Episode 8: Handplant or Eggplant


Here’s the sixth episode of DLC, the podcast I co-host with Jeff Cannata. Jeff and I chat with Justin McElroy of Polygon and so much more. Check it! 

Shows are recorded live on Monday at 11:00am PT. 

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Uninformed Opinions Episode 050 - Harold Ramis


Episode 050 of the hit podcast, Uniformed Opinions is LIVE. Stewart Nacht (who you might know as Wombat from the CAGcast) and I celebrate the life and work of Harold Ramis. 

This week: Harold Ramis.

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DLC Video-Game March Madness!

Over on the weekly video game show Jeff Cannata and I do, DLC, we are about to kick off our first annual March Madness competition!

Just like the NCAA Tournament, we are building brackets to crown this year’s champion. But we are doing it with video games. Submitted entirely by listeners of the show, 32 games made the tournament. The games that garnered the most votes were seeded highest. We got an overwhelming response, and a ton of deserving and highly voted games didn’t make the cut.

And here is the bracket. You can print your own copy from this website.  Submit your completed bracket to: before March 3rd to compete against other listeners of DLC! 

And tune in (and call in - 512-518-5714) to DLC throughout the month of March to help us debate the winners in each head-to-head match up!

What’s New Episode 5: Leo Flowers, Rajan Dharni, Nick Rutherford


The fifth episode of the Nerdist Industries podcast I developed and host, What’s New, is now online!  

Was the live show’s audience tight? Were the new jokes a little too rough? Did host I do a poor job “setting the table” for a great show? Regardless, the post-show discussion is fantastic and might be the best yet. Listen to the sets of new material from me, Leo Flowers (The Kevin Nealon Show), Rajan Dharni (IMPRO(vs)TANDUP, NCCAF), and Nick Rutherford (Fox’s ADHD, Comedy Central), and then hear the awesome post-show discussion and decide for yourself.

Don’t miss the next live show Tuesday, March 11 at NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles with Thomas Dale (Chelsea Lately, Late Show, Just for Laughs), Grant Cotter (MTV’s Jerks with Cameras), and Steve Simeone (NBC, TBS, Comics on Duty). Plus a headlining set from Ari Shaffir (Comedy Central, Just for Laughs)! You can RSVP for that FREE show RIGHT HERE

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DLC Episode 7: Blah, Blah, Blah, Titanfall

This is awesome, on the seventh episode of DLC, the podcast I co-host with Jeff Cannata, none other than Garnett Lee himself joins us for a chat on TitanFall, Time Warner Cable/Comcast, NPDs, and more! 

Shows are recorded live on Monday at 11:00am PT. 

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